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What is Hardcore Pro Wrestling?
Hardcore wrestling is a form of professional wrestling that involves the usage of weapons such as chairs, tables, barbed wire, and thumbtacks, which would result in disqualification under the usual rules of pro wrestling; there are no disqualifications under hardcore rules. In most wrestling promotions, hardcore matches are rarities, used mostly at the climaxes of feuds, but some promotions specialize in it. It was the signature of ECW, and partly due to that promotion's rising popularity.

Famous Hardcore Wrestlers

Hardcore Wrestling Promotions

                     Death match's

Deathmatch wrestling refers to a professional wrestling promotion with the inclusion of weapons (legal, of course) and a lot of bleeding.

The fights are exactly the same as normal profesional wrestling, except that there is a heavy usage for various weapons, often resulitng in tremendous amount of bleeding from both wrestlers. Also, there is very little judgement of the concept of a "ring-out" or "disqualification", and is rather encouraged.

One must note that deathmatch wrestling is not the same as hardcore wrestling. The latter has less bleeding compared to the former and is allowed to be aired on a national broadcast level (it is at a level where major wrestling promoters, such as WWE, have incorporated it into their line-up). However, since hardcore wrestling also involves massive bleeding throughout the match, the airing of these fights are heavily restricted.

These wrestling deathmatches are usually banned in most nations. However, it is legal in some parts of The United States, and completely legal in Japan, hence its cult-following there.



Terry Funk King Of The Hardcore!


Hardcore Quotes

I spent 3 years in a carnival freak show because of u, I had to wrestle with barbed wire and put people through tables because of u. "Raven"
 I spent 3 long years in barbed wire city building a name for myself , and i learned one thing , that if one is scarred bad enough , one no longer feels the pain. "raven"

Forever and ever , cactus jack i will remember what happened last time forever, u Asshole. " Terry Funk"

Terry why don't u stop wasting my goddam time , and get your old ass out here, come on terry. "Cactus Jack"

You wanna walk up to the tree and take a bite outa the badest apple of them all, well terry funk the taste will make u sick! " Cactus Jack"

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